The word vocation generally means 'calling', and this implies being called to a particular role.

People often feel a calling to a particular role or way of life, or to serve society in a particular way.

For many Christians this may mean serving God as a faithful disciple in everyday life.

In the church a vocation may arise from a feeling that God has called you, or someone you know, to serve God in a particular Christian ministry.

This may be in the workplace, or at home, or in some part-time or full-time setting in the church.   Some people may get a sense that this is also a call to ordination.   All such vocations require discernment.   This journey of exploration can often take a long time as it needs to be affirmed and tested by the church community.   

If you want to explore your vocation you may find it helpful to talk this over with family and friends.   You can also talk this over with the Rector.

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